Redstone Arsenal Mod for Minecraft 1.19.2/1.18.2/1.17.1/1.16.5


Redstone Arsenal Mod is a mod that delivers elements that are exactly what its name implies. It implements weapons and tools that Redstone Flux powers. The flux is a type of energy part of Thermal Expansion 3. These items can be charged using a flux capacitor, energetic infuser, or any similar block delivered by a mod you are using. In addition to getting arrested, the tools and weapons offered by Redstone Arsenal can also be enchanted, just like gold. With these elements enhanced, you can expect an increase in RF and improved performance.

Redstone Arsenal delivers five different types of flux-infused tools. These include the flux-infused axe, flux-infused omniwrech, flux-infused pick axe, flux-infused shovel, and flux-infused sickle. These tools have unique abilities that can be pretty handy in the game. For example, the axe can cut down a 3x3x3 cube of wood to get it out of the way, while the sickle can get rid of grass and leaves in an impressive area. A shovel is also an incredible tool as it is a shovel and a hoe. With these tools equipped, you can do much more in the game.


How to Install Redstone Arsenal Mod

  1. Ensure you have already downloaded and installed the Minecraft Forge mod loader.
  2. Download the mod on this web page.
  3. Find the Minecraft directory folder (.minecraft).
  4. Place the mod file you downloaded; you will have only drop (.jar file) into the Mods folder.
  5. While you launch Minecraft and click on the mods button, you need to see now the mod is put in.

Redstone Arsenal Mod 1.19.2 / 1.16.5 Download Links
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